3D Model Gallery - Tables

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To scale 3D models of the items listed below can be downloaded by direct click or right clicking if using a PC, use control-clicking on if using a Mac on the appropriate link.

Café Table Chrome Base
Black Top 30"

Café Table Chrome Base
Black Top 36"

Café Table Chrome Base
Maple Top

Café Table Chrome Base
White Top 30"

Café Table Chrome Base
White Top 36"

Chardonnay Bar Table

City Pub Table

Civic Cocktail Table

Civic End Table

Club Cocktail Table

Club Dining Table

Club End Table

Club Pub Table

Costa Cocktail Table

Cube Cocktail Table White

Cube Cocktail Table Black

Cube End Table White

Cube End Table Black

Cylinder Buffet Table 4'

Cylinder Buffet Table 6'

Cylinder Cafe Table 42 inch

Cylinder Dining Table

Cylinder End Table

Cylinder Pub Table 30 inch

Cylinder Pub Table 42 inch

Element Dinning Table

Evoke Cocktail Table

Evoke Cube

Evoke End Table

Fuze Cocktail Table

Fuze End Table

Fuze Pedestal

Fuze Sofa Table

Gold Leaf Table

Java Accent Table

Java Bar Table

Java Dining Table

kool. GLO 42” Pedestal

kool. GLO Bar Table – 36”

kool. GLO Bar Table – 48”

kool. GLO Bar Table -72”

kool. GLO 30” Pedestal

kool. GLO Café Table – 36”

kool. GLO Café Table - 48”

kool. GLO Dining Table

kool. GLO Café Table – 72”

Harmony Cocktail Table

Harmony End Table

Hex Table

Hylton Tablet Table

Light Cube Table

London Cocktail Table

London End Table

London Pedestal

London Sofa Table

Memphis Rectangle Pub Table

Memphis Square Pub Table

Mon Table

Novel Cocktail Table

Novel End Table

Oro Mirrored Cube

Oyster Accent Table

Pentagram Cocktail Table

Pentagram End Table

Porto Accent Table

Quasar Cocktail Table

Quasar End Table

Reagan Table

Tahoe Dining Table

Phoebe Table Gold

Phoebe Table Lime Green

Woodland Large Pedestal

Woodland Medium Pedestal

Woodland Small Pedestal