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Eat. Drink.

AFR helped longtime client and partner, Arthur’s
Catering, create an environment that married the
neon vibrancy of electric hot Havana Nights with the

inspirational and modern architecture of a new Central
Florida venue. Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing

Arts, using a combination of white leather pieces from
Highlights from Arthur’s Catering several collections, VIP Glow Bars and Club Tables

25th Anniversary Celebration
integrated with the Tangerine Collection and Phoebe
Lime Green Tables we created a spicy Latin-laced

environment that was hot, hot, hot and representative of
Arthur’s Catering and Events brand colors. Of course

the food was creative, beautifully presented – and over
the top delicious. Local Florida band, Latin Wave brought
AFR Event Furnishings was honored to be
the rhythms and sounds of Salsa, Merengue, Bachata,
a part of Arthur’s Catering 25th Anniversary
Vallenato and more to life and kept the dance loor
Celebration; “Eat. Drink. Celebrate.”
sizzling all night long.

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