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employee Spotlight

Sarah Floria . Account Executive

Meet Sarah Florio, Account Executive for AFR Furniture Rental in Orlando, Florida.

Positioning herself as a creative partner to her clients, she excels at helping them realize that
furniture is not just something you put against a wall to be forgotten. She works hard to help her

clients come up with creative and stylish solutions for their event furnishing needs. Read on to ind
out more about what makes Sarah awesome in our book

Time With AFR
Super Power

I have been with AFR for 5 1/2 years.
If I could have a super power, it would be time
Three Words That Describe You
Motivated, witty, and honest.
Favorite Thing When Not Working

I love a wide array of different music, but Drake,
Favorite Event Memory (so far)
Needtobreathe, John Mayer, Mumford & Sons,
Working on the Republican National Convention
and Sting are among my favorites.
in 2012 in Tampa, FL. When I graduated college,
my goal was to do political events so that Proudest Moment
experience was a “full circle” moment.
I am most proud that I have hiked down to the

bottom of the Grand Canyon and back up again
Cool and Unique Accomplishment
in the same day. It took 15 hours, but I did it!
Two weeks after graduating college, I moved to
Top Three Bucket List
London, England on a work visa. Living abroad
is by far the most exhilarating, scary and fun My top three items on my bucket list are to visit
thing I have ever done!
Greece, own a Goldendoodle and go to a World

Series Game in Yankee Stadium. I’m all over
Guilty Pleasure
making those three things happen, very soon!
Hahahaha! Trashy television shows – pretty
much any show on Bravo sucks me in – just

don’t tell anyone.

social Snapshot
#HotList: Ombre

What’s trending on Instagram at @afr_rentals
Tip From The Pros

To bring some interest into an event afr_rentals
design, use ombre colored accessories
60 • 2 weeks ago
within the color palette to create We absolutely love!!! Thank you for sharing @theknotb2b
dimension and add a relective effect.
#afreventfurnishings #theknotrocksorlando #eventdesign #weddings
Photography Credit: Victoria Angela Photography

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